“Never Let Me Go”

This is my submission for the Never Let Me Go tee shirt contest.  I wrote from the point of view of Kathy, who sees the singer as longing for a child.  But in this retelling, her dreams don’t come true.

Postcards and clippings,
Things I’ve kept and known,
Hopes and wishes spelled out on paper
Drop them, forget them;
Into the garbage they go.

These are the things
I’ve hoarded all these years–
Kept hidden in my pockets,
Repeated in my ears.


Baby, baby, never let me go
Baby, baby, try to understand
This is for us, for you.
Don’t ask me to forget them;
Baby, baby, never let me go.

About faithframpton

I believe in Jesus and free thinking; in pink and leather and also black; in love and sarcasm; in Goodwill and Louis and Christian--and Jack. (And yes, I copied and pasted that from my Pinterest account.)
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  1. stephanieprato says:

    Hey Faith, I just wanted to say, nicely done. Thank you for participating in the contest and good luck on your exams.

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